The Martini Girls Studio







The Martini Girls Gallery and Studio  LLC

The Martini Girls Studio

Wauwatosa, WISCONSIN


We are a small fine art studio owned by and showcasing the work of Marcia Hero, Marcia Hochstetter and Debbie Callahan.
Our works are created in a variety of mediums including pastels, acrylics, oil painting and mixed media.

We participate in many regional art exhibits, produce and curate one exhibit featuring over 30 local artists every autumn.
The Martini Girls Studio is located at: 7223 W. Orchard Ave., West Allis, Wisconsin 53214



Hochstetter by Marcia


Callahan by Debbie


Callahan by Debbie


Callahan by Debbie


Callahan by Debbie


Callahan by Debbie


Blue sky by Debbie Callahan


Trees by Debbie Callahan


Mini Four by Debbie Callahan


Childsdancer #7 by Debbie Callahan


Childsdancer #3 by Debbie Callahan


Debbie Callahan by Debbie Callahan


Still Life with Lemon by Marcia Hochstetter


Miss Minnie by Marcia Hochstetter


Kollowitz by Marcia Hochstetter


Untitled by Marcia Hochstetter


A Lone Tree by Marcia Hochstetter


Three Roses by Marcia Hochstetter


American Indian by Marcia Hochstetter


Summer Flowers by Marcia Hochstetter


Her Father by Marcia Hochstetter


Abstract by Marcia Hochstetter


Pink Ruffles by Marcia Hero


Hilton Head Sunset by Marcia Hero


arrangement by Marcia L Hochstetter


Poppy Melody by Marcia Hero


Red Rhapsody by Marcia Hero


Blue Rhapsody by Marcia Hero


Floral Study 1 by Marcia Hero


Wetland by Marcia Hero


Gauge This by Marcia Hero


Steampunk 1 by Marcia Hero


498 by Marcia Hero



Number 9 by Marcia Hero